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Jensen Beds

Jensen Beds designed for ultimate sleep comfort, Feeling is believing

Jensen Beds

Jensen Beds

Jensen Beds range stocked, high quality, choose from the extensove range and customise your Jensen Bed with a huge selection of feet and colours The New Generation of Jensen Beds Mattresses presented on this website reflects our current belief that a bed is more than just a place to rest your head.

Jensen was founded in 1947, and their first mattress was produced more than half a century ago, using traditional upholstery such as horsehair and cotton wadding. Of course a great deal has changed since then, but one thing has remained steadfast and true, and that is the clear philosophy that our consumers should be able to see and feel that the bed they are lying on is really a Jensen Beds.

These days, Jensen is one of the leading bed producers in Scandinavia. More than 150,000 mattresses are produced each year at the factory in Svelvik, which is on the shores of the Oslo Fjord. The feeling there is one of pride and expertise which no machine in the world can replace. As a result, Jensen has naturally become a household name and not only in Scandinavian countries for best sleep, but All across the Globe!

Everything revolves around sleep comfort.

Jensen's products are manufactured to provide maximum body support and sleep comfort. "Everything revolves around sleep comfort" is not just a hollow slogan. Instead of adhering rigidly to old-fashioned methods and materials, Jensen is constantly searching for new solutions. As a result, Jensen always use the most modern materials available. With their Scandinavian design, their new materials inspired by nature, their ingenious technical features and their trendy fabrics, Jensen Beds and furniture are an enhancement to people's everyday lives.

The search for optimal sleep comfort has, of course, always been the basis for the innovations that have made Jensen Beds so famous within its sector. Over the years a whole range of new pressure-reducing materials and constructions have borne the Jensen hallmark. A system of springs, divided into zones, is one of the many examples, as is further optimisation of the zone system, using stretch fabrics.

There's no time like the present.

A good night's rest is crucial to ensuring we get the most out of our lives and enjoy each new day to the full. It is precisely for this reason that Jensen has been working to achieve the same goal for more than 60 years, namely to develop a bed that provides the best sleep comfort possible. This ambition is reflected in everything, from the mattress to the use of materials and design. A bed is a lot more than simply a place to rest your head! Jensen beds set the trend in both sleep comfort and design, and have also proven that a bed can also be a joy to behold.

Absolute Beds hope that this introduction gives you a clear insight into Jensen's philosophy. Of course, the best way to find out about Jensen beds is to visit our showroom.