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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about water bed....?

  • Is a waterbed good for my back?
A waterbed supports your spine and the muscles in your back by adapting to the shape of your body. The medium, water, is displaced rather than compressed as it is in other bedding types. The mattress doesn?t sag, but precisely and immediately adapts to the position of your body; weight and build are unimportant, and the mattress stays as comfortable as the first day it was bought.
Low contact pressure and relaxing heat support your back, joints and vital functions.
A waterbed encourages good blood circulation with its full body support and therapeutic warmth. A perfect and healthy  night?s sleep.
  • How so I keep the water fresh?
When you first fill your water mattress with fresh water, a water preservative is added to keep the water free of germs. As you don?t need to change the water unless you move home and have to dismantle and reassemble your bed, the preservative is added once a year.
Will I feel wave movements in my waterbed?
It depends on whether you want to. Some people like being slowly rocked to sleep,while others prefer perfect peace from their waterbed, and don?t want to feel any wave movements.
   People?s needs are just as individual as people themselves: some prefer the rocking movement of the waves when they move their bodies, and others don?t .To match your individual sleeping comfort needs, you can choose from a range of 13 different cushioning levels with additional lumbar support.

  • Will my ceiling be ruined if the waterbed leaks?
Waterbed mattresses are extremely tough, durable and puncture resistant unless they are deliberately targeted with a very sharp or very pointed instrument. In the unlikely event this did happen, the water would be contained within the bed by a separate outer waterproof safety layer, preventing any damage to the bed's surroundings.
  • Do I need my bedroom floor reinforced to take the weight?
No. Waterbeds have a specially designed base that spreads the weight of the bed evenly across the floor. The waterbed weighs no more than approximately six people. We have successfully installed more than three thousand waterbeds in total.
  • Will they be very cold unless I add hot water all the time?
You don't need to add hot water, as all our waterbeds are temperature controlled. In winter, you can keep them warm, but in summer, on the few hot nights we get in the UK, the controller can be turned down to give you a cool bed. If you have dual mattresses they can be set at different temperatures if one partner prefers a hotter bed.

  • Will a waterbed help me sleep?
A waterbed works by distributing body weight evenly over the parts of the body that are in contact with the bed. This eliminates pressure. The waterbed moulds itself around your body, providing the perfect-fit support that is uniquely right for you. Not only do you get better sleep at night, but your body is better prepared for the day ahead.
  • Could my waterbed burst?
Not at all. Waterbeds are not pressurised like an airbed, they would not be able to burst.
  • What happens if my children jump on the bed?
The waterbed is so durable; it can take several children jumping on it at any one time. It is more likely that a normal bed would break from children jumping on it than a waterbed because a normal bed has breakable springs. In some nurseries, they use waterbeds to function as therapeutic relaxation devices for the children.
  • A question of hygiene
The hygienic benefits of a water bed are many: particles of skin do not disappear into the mattress the mattress,as is the case with legacy beds, but remain on the surface of the water mattress where they can be wiped off at any time.
House dust mites and mite excrement cannot live on the surface of the waterbed andyou can be sure of an allergy-free sleep.
The human body exudes about half a litre of moisture into the bed every night. This adds up to over 1000 litres in six years, and all of this seeps into a legacy mattress. In case of a waterbed, the moisture that collects in the mattress cover evaporates due to rising warmth. The easily removable textile covers on your waterbed are washable.

Frequently Asked Questions
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